Motor Wars 2

Motor Wars 2 : Play Motor Wars 2 New Version at any browser at Motor Wars 2 is best racing and fighting+shooting Game. Motor Wars 2 was released in 2014 in Unity 3d. As you know unity is no longer supportable with Chrome, the MartinGames release the updated version in WebGL technology. Now its available in all browser and devices. Motor Wars 2 is not just an online game about racing cars, but a strategy in the direct sense of the word. Although the game seems primitive, you can do a lot of action with a car in the best style of racing games. You will be given a choice of three cars, although in future you can have four. Racing will take place on a set of unique tracks. This is a massive multiplayer online game with a battle between two teams – Red and Blue. There are three modes: capture the flag, battle and race. Battle on war machines. The first mode is about competition where you need to sneak into enemy territory, capture the flag and bring it to your base. The winner will be the team to capture more flags. Battle between the two teams occurs in second mode, where the winning team should destroy opponents. The last one is all about racing. Motor Wars 2 is a mixture of car simulator and economic strategy in which players not only have to chase cars, but also have to think and calculate all the variants of the game for a better outcome. Three starting cars to choose from are: Mazda 121 front drive, rear

wheel drive Ford Ka and four-wheel drive Fiat Panda. You have to think through the set of features the cars have: speed, acceleration, braking and handling. Acceleration indicates the intensity of a vehicle speed increase. Speed – the maximum value of acceleration a machine can reach. Braking shows how quickly you can cut the speed,such as, before the turn, not to fly off the track. Drivability characterizes agility. The larger the value, the greater angle your machine can turn at a given speed. You will be able to further improve all the main parameters of the car with the help of tuning. Just look into in-game store and buy necessary gadgets for in-game currency. It`s rather simple to earn in MotorWar 2, the game has pretty, much possibilities to do this. You can work at the mine, participate in scientific research, transport loads and play roulette. And when you get rich, you will have possibility to acquire valuable real estate and to give jobs to other players. Your cars can be tuned by different equipment, thereby yielding advantages in the race. After heavy races you will need to repair your car. To control a vehicle you will need to indicate the directionand speed of movement. After mastering and gaining a foothold you can create a sports club. Totally “Motor Wars 2” is the second part of a popular game: even more enemies, new maps and tests. Get ready to embark on a war path to become the undisputed champion. Your guns and missiles must be fully prepared.Go in pursuit 3D mode to defeat all the enemies that try to attack your base.

Game Control

is done by arrow keys: WASD = driving, left mouse button = shoot, right = aim, shift = acceleration, space = jump, ESC = exit. You can play it for free on our website.


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